Smarties Probability Activity

Wednesday 24th August 2011

Learning Intention: To be able to calculate the probability of different events.

Success Criteria:

–          Be able to use formula to determine probability of an event.

–          Convert probability values between decimal, fraction and percentage.

Today students will look at the probabilities associated with choosing different coloured Smarties. Each student will be given a small packet of Smarties. They will then be required to record the frequency of each colour and the corresponding probability of randomly choosing them. They will record these values in a table. We will then collaborate class data. Students can enter their results in the table below, from which we will determine the frequencies and probabilities for the whole class sample.

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I am a preservice teacher currently studying at La Trobe University. Last year I completed my Bachelor of Science at Deakin University. As this course has a large focus on ICT I thought I should try to embrace it, and start to blog!

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